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GirlCode® is a female / non-binary career-focussed online community and consultancy on a mission to both support and inspire female software engineers throughout their careers, whilst adding real value. We want to make it easier to both enter and remain in the industry to close the gender tech gap. 


We know that female engineers can sometimes feel underrepresented in today's market and we want to do something about this. We have an active community of over 15,000 members, up to date blog and discussion pages as well as a coding repository. We also hold regular meet up events (Virtual meetup events under current circumstances) 

We now work closely with over 100 companies of varying sizes, worldwide, ensuring our members are being put forward for the jobs they really want.


As well as this, we have also partnered with some of the best coding bootcamps all over the world to help with either getting into coding through scholarships or brushing up on your skills and offer exclusive discounts to our members. 


Join our community of over 15,000 female engineers! 


We have partnered with over 100 Technology companies worldwide who have placed an importance on gender diversity and provide you with information about culture benefits and other women working in the team. 


It doesn't matter if your completely new to coding and looking for a bootcamp or have been building websites and mobile applications for 10+ years - we have tools and resources available for you. 

View our dashboard to navigate our platform and find your way to some of the tools and resources we provide to our members including: 

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Become / Find a Mentor

We know many engineering teams don't see as many female software engineers as they would like and so we take great pleasure in introducing you to our talented members to see if we can find a match! 

Whatsmore, we manage the whole process and try to add as much real value to your team as possible. 

Our Job Board provides a space for our company partners to create an informative company profile page displaying vital information about your company, locations, culture and benefits and how to get in contact. 

As well as this, we give you 12 Job slots to add, change and swap Jobs whenever you choose - All Jobs are linked back to your careers page for direct applications. 

We have a number of different plans available and with varying access to our hiring tools and these can be viewed here. 

15,000+ Active

100+ Company Partners 


200+ Discounted Bootcamps and Scholarships