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27 February 2024

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Bronze Partner
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We are building a SaaS-enabled marketplace in the air freight industry. On the supply side we work with different airlines all over the world. Our platform maintains a technical integration with each airline which enables us to access routing information, live rates and live capacities from our partners.

On the demand side we are serving freight forwarders which manage the complete supply chain for their shippers combining road, rail, ocean and air. Our freight forwarder customers can access the SaaS product to compare offers from the different airlines, book them directly through us and track them from the moment the freight is handed over to the airline until it is successfully picked up again at the destination airport.

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Culture and Benefits 

We move fast.
We tend to try things out and throw them away if they don't work rather than doing an elaborate pre-study first.

We are focused.
We work hard on not losing ourselves in dozens of different topics. If everything is important, nothing is.

We are flexible.
We try to plan ahead and figure out what will be relevant in the near future, but things can change rapidly and we adapt.

We are comfortable with some chaos.
There is no defined and structured process for every task that has to be done. We count on you to figure it out.

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27 February 2024

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No Jobs currently listed with GirlCode - Please refer to their careers page for any up to date postings!

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Fully Remote

This company is fully remote remote meaning they operate globally and work can be completed anywhere in the world