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12 December 2023

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Founded in 2016, VROMO was built by a team that couldn’t find software truly suited for restaurant delivery because existing solutions were adapted for parcel or grocery delivery so failed to address the restaurant specific delivery challenges that are unique to our sector.

From years of operating as a physical delivery business, we have built a proprietary system stacked with unique features that make our Dispatch technology the smartest fastest-evolving Food delivery management system and the planet.

Our software allows our customers to:
- Manage their own deliveries and drivers
- Automate workflows in order to streamline delivery operations
- Market their brand and provide an exceptional customer experience

Our company is one of the most exciting early-stage SaaS prospects in Europe and we play in one of the most dynamic and fast moving sectors. Having recently received $8 million investment from our investors, we are ready to scale and capture the enormous opportunity in front of us.

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Dublin, Waterford

Culture and Benefits 

By joining Vromo, you will join an ambitious team that has seen significant growth and is continuing that growth to cater to the needs of our fast-expanding customer base. You will be supported by your peers and by your manager to learn and grow with the company, while also having some fun along the way.
The culture in Vromo is rooted in four key values; Transparency, Dynamism, Ambition & Partnership. We are a customer-first, solutions-based company, always searching for innovative ways to serve our customers. The company also offers a number of benefits as listed below.
- Pension scheme up to 5% matching contribution
- Benefits up to 5% to include health and income protection
- We love what we do and we are there for our customers when they
need us, but we are still happy to enjoy 24 days of paid holidays
- We offer flexibility around working time and remote working
- We don’t take ourselves too seriously, we like to have a little fun along the way and we often arrange some dedicated social time together

Diversity & Inclusion Statement 

Here at VROMO we are committed to building a diverse team of intelligent and supportive individuals to drive success. Our workplace offers continuous learning opportunities, career progression and growth. Every member of our team is passionate about what they do and have a connected vision about the future of VROMO.

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12 December 2023

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Fully Remote

This company is fully remote remote meaning they operate globally and work can be completed anywhere in the world