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Become a Coding Bootcamp Partner
'Display your Bootcamp to our members'

We are here to close the gender tech gap and get more females into the tech industry and we know how important it is to get the right education and training right at the start for encouragement and confidence! 

Without a doubt the most amount of enquiries we get sent are regarding coding bootcamp and which ones to sign up to! That is why we have decided to improve our bootcamps page to give our members to best possible information when deciding what to do next. 

There is only one set up fee to get all set up with us and we give you access to the following:

  • Create Coding Bootcamp Page and edit at any time - Include information about the bootcamp itself, your locations and your coding courses. 

  • Members are directed back through to you to apply using links you provide. 

  • Get full access to our members - Post articles and blogs as well as hosting meetup event in conjunction with GirlCode. 

  • We share Information about our partners to our social media accounts including: Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack and Discord. 

  • We also include information about your bootcamp and how to sign up in our monthly newsletter. 

Our community is growing quicker than ever and we now have over 80,000 female software engineer members worldwide - many of these are looking for a coding bootcamp which suits their needs!


You can sign in at any point to easily make changes to your coding bootcamp profile.


We have grown across the world - we have strong communities on every continent and have big plans to keep expanding in the future!

Each month our newsletter goes out to all subscribed members and we include key info about your bootcamp!

Our coding bootcamp partners can organise events with our community and co-host events with us!

We have active Blog and Discussion pages that always remain Inclusive!

You are welcome o add to this at any time!

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  • Most Applications

    Bootcamp Partner

    Every year
    (Display Profile on Coding Bootcamp Page)
    • Create and Edit Coding Bootcamp Page
    • Display Info about Bootcamp
    • Display up to 12 Coding Courses (Edit any time)
    • Organise Events with our Members
    • Social Media Shares
    • Included in our Monthly Newsletter
    • All Enquiries directed through to you
    • Active for 1 Year (Automatically Renews)

*All plans will autorenew after timeframe unless cancelled. If you choose to cancel you will loose stored data from company profile page. Once purchase is complete, your account will be given access to our Hiring Hub and the tools associated with specific plan. No additional recruitment fees are added for successful candidates who apply directly through GirlCode. We do not work with recruitment agencies and only allow tech companies to display jobs - we reserve the right to deny access after purchase if you do not align with our requirements. You accept that you may not see the results you expect and depends on the availability of candidates on the platform at the time of posting and this naturally changes constantly. All partner plans are billed either every 3 months, 6 months or annually and are all non-refundable. You can cancel your plan at any time in your account settings. Please contact a member of our team to discuss Invoicing Options.