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Frequently asked Questions
'Find answers to some common Questions'

  • Who can Join the GirlCode community?
    Absolutely everyone is more than welcome to join our community - even though we have a focus on those who identify as women who work in the the tech industry we do encourage all to get involved in our mission should you want to!
  • How do I use the Job Board?
  • Are there any additional fees added on top for successful hires who apply through the GirlCode Job Board?
    Nope! No additional fees added on top for successful hires.... ever. You only pay the flat fee for the plan you selected to get set up and for the duration (e.g. a yearly plan) and nothing else. This allows you to hire as many candidates as you like through the platform for the same price.
  • How many people will see the company profile page?
    We can't give you an exact figure for the number of people who will end up seeing you company page but we now have over 80,000 worldwide members and the average we see is over 600 company page views each month.
  • Once I've selected a plan, will others in my company have access to use our account too?
    Others from the same company can sign up to the platform but only one login per company will be permitted to have access to the Hiring Hub and able to create and edit the company profile page.
  • How do I get started with creating our company profile page on the platform?
    Great! You have become a GirlCode Hiring Partner and now looking to start building your company page with us. You first need to navigate to our Hiring Hub and this can be found on our Job board page here: Once there, you can then click on the first box: "Edit Company Profile Page" You will then have to click "New Company Profile" which will then reset all fields and allow you to enter in your info. Once completed all essential fields (*) you will be allowed to Save/ Update and all changes will go live on our Job Board!
  • How can I keep track of how many candidates are applying through GirlCode?
    We currently don't have an application to track submissions on our platform so what we suggest and what many of our company partners do is create unique URL's to link to Job posts so you can see how many have originated from us. However, keep an eye out for updates in the future as we are working hard behind the scenes to bring in analytical tools for our company partners so they can keep track of performance.
  • How do we (as a bootcamp) partner with GirlCode?
    We are always on the lookout for the best coding bootcamps to partner with us and connect with our members! In order to get started please find your way to our coding bootcamp partner plan page where you can find more details!
  • How do I become a mentor for other members?
    Its very simply to get started with mentoring others on our platform - all you need to do is complete the short sign up page here: You will then be able to sign back into the Mentor Hub and make changes to your page at any point.
  • How do I become a GirlCode Ambassador?
    We are always on the lookout for women working in the tech industry who would like to join forces with us by becoming an Ambassador for the work we are doing! We have an application process now open which only takes 5 minutes to complete and a member of our team will get back to you ASAP! You can find the application here:
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